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We focus on sustainability and fostering a growth and connection mindset which supports inventors, startups and SME's through smart innovation, putting you at the heart of a community of talented associates
Orbrix, The Education Division of HADARAT GLOBAL
We focus on an innovative approach in providing training and consultation in Niche markets like Radiation Protection, CBRN, Leadership & Human Resources.
Konkurs, The Agriculture Division of HADARAT GLOBAL
To create an enabling economic Evolution in Agriculture in both the Middle east and Eastern Europe by transitioning from Traditional Farming to Smart Farming. Poultry been one of the core areas of Food Sustainability.
Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology
Ghaf Commercial Brokers & Innovaction Square, The AI & Information technology Division of Hadarat Global. Your Technology Partner for Innovation & Market-leading Solutions that overcomes business complexities. Our aim to promote a Smart Civilisation as a one stop shop for Unique solutions in Automation , AI and Internet of Things ioT
Golden Edge Hub
A HADARAT GLOBAL Initiative to Support Businesses. We focus on empowering inventors, start-ups and talent to thrive in the Future Economy. Localizing innovation; supply chain & development of next generation leadership; reminiscent of the Golden Age.


HADARAT GLOBAL is a Unique Brand, meaning "Civilisation" with registered Divisions and Organisations in the Middle East and footprints in Africa and Eastern Europe.

It was founded and inspired by the CEO Dr Ahmed Al Shemeili, who is an official representative of the UAE in the European Union Regional Secretariat of Centres of Excellence for the CBRN Emergencies and a recipient of many specialized certificates in the field of nuclear energy and leadership and communication.
Our Purpose

HADARAT GLOBAL is invested in much more than an ecosystem of partnerships across borders where it partnered in the Education sector, AI sector, Agriculture, Real Estate AI and Informational Technology Sectors in Bosnia, South Africa and the Middle East. HADARAT GLOBAL creates innovative Business Solutions by putting the heart back into business.
At a time when many businesses are at their most vulnerable, HADARAT GLOBAL encourages leaders and businesses to cultivate communities within their organisations by focusing on creating a highly robust social ecosystems to keep them strong, unified, and adaptable in the face of great hardship, by bringing out their spirit of intense cooperation and migrating when faced with challenges. Our Business Ethos exhibits some fundamental qualities of creating Clarity, becoming more Purposeful, and maintaining Agility.

Empowering inventors, start-ups and talent.

At HADARAT GLOBAL, we focus on empowering inventors, start-ups and talent to thrive in the Future Economy – providing them with the relevant skills, support and infrastructure to enable continuous sustainable innovation and growth.

Our Projects
Orbrix, HADARAT'S Education Business was established in 2005 and offers an innovative approach to training and consultation for stakeholders requiring custom training, consultation design, development, delivery and beyond.
Real Estate
Launched in 2014, HADARAT'S Real Estate Business is called Manazil Al Reef and its focus is on real estate development and brokering in Bosnia. As the company grew from strength to strength, the scope of our investment expanded...
Konkurs is a registered Limited Liability Company for Production, Internal and Foreign Trade, and Services in Sarajevo, in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Artificial Intelligence & IT Solutions
We jointly deliver innovative software that overcomes business complexity. Our aim is to enhance performance and efficiency in all Sectors some of which include, Transport, Education, Corporate and compression.
Golden Edge Hub

We understand how rapidly the world is changing and that beyond the technical skills people and teams require, we need to re-skill future and existing workforces; address leadership gaps in & open access for local supply chains.
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+971 50 177 5109
Orbrix, a Division of Hadarat Global
21D, 33rd floor, Prime Business Centre, the Prime tower Business Bay area, Burj Khalifa District – Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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HADARAT GLOBAL is a multinational company with headquarters in the Middle East and footprints in Africa and Eastern Europe. It was founded and inspired by the CEO Mr Ahmed Al Shemeil
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+971 50 177 5109
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