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International Business and Leadership Summit and Woman of Stature Global Awards and HGBIL Awards 2022
12 - 13 May 2022 - Dubai

Venue: Dusit Thani Dubai hotel,Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, DIFC- Dubai, UAE

HADARAT GLOBAL BUSINESS INNOVATION LEADERSHIP SUMMIT (HGBIL) is a disruptive event designed to bring together innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and ecosystem leaders to discuss business and investment opportunities Internationally.
HGBIL Summit is 2-day event of intensive learning experience and welcoming networking environment to enable start-ups and Small, to Medium enterprises from MENA, Eastern Europe, US, UK and Africa to take the leap to the International Market, share experiences and foster cooperation and investment opportunities. The summit is preceded by an OPTIONAL 3-day Hybrid Startup Entrepreneur and Innovation Workshop.

HGBIL Summit 2022 is a flagship event organised by Hadarat Global and its Organising Awards Partner Woman of Stature Foundation.
The Hadarat Global Business Innovation Leadership Summit (HGBIL) and Woman of Stature Global Awards is a world class gathering of high-achieving level professionals from all across the World.
The Summit brings together a diverse group of start-ups entrepreneurs and Small Medium enterprises who are ready to do business across borders.
The Summit offers lively conversations and generates rich networking opportunities while providing learning opportunities in innovation, Start-up, leadership, entrepreneurship, and respect for culture and Civilisation.

  • Angel Investors, of the continental and global entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurs from the Gulf region, Africa, Eastern Europe, UK, USA, and Asia interested in the investment opportunities in Africa
  • Institutional funding and private investors

International Gathering of Startups,
Entrepreneurs, Eco System Partners and Investors To Explore Internationalization & Investment Opportunities
Africa, Europe, USA, UK and Asia

  • +100 participants
  • +15 represented country
  • +20 inspirational speakers
  • +20 national,  international Coaches and Mentors
  • +15 Start-ups Supported
  • +60 Awardee Finalists
  • +15 Award Champions
It is a global initiative created to encourage a strong strategic economic and geopolitical partnership by promoting innovation, problem solving for start-ups and matching investors to new innovative ideas.

This year’s theme - Business Negotiations Beyond Borders:
Embracing Change & Transformation – will have seasoned professionals from various works of life to discuss and debate solutions facing cross-country Business Negotiations. Speakers will elaborate on Breakthroughs Innovation, Creativity, Leading Change, and Reengagement)

Our Inspiration

Despite all the headlines around trade wars and Pandemics, the globalization of business is a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle. The future of business is global. Like never before, companies are able to enter markets overseas nearly barrier-free.
At HADARAT, we are constantly looking for investment opportunities for our members and clients
Many of our Entrepreneur/start-up members also are looking to expanding into and across the international markets. This Conference creates a platform for not just our members, but other entities across the globe into creating a platform for leaders internationally to discuss gaps and issues affecting them in various areas of their Cross-border business and personal lives. The Summit will also focus on Women Start-ups and leaders creating equal business opportunities. It is also an effort to address the economic, social, and financial challenges that women across the globe are faced with in International Business.
This is the inaugural Hadarat Global Summit, bringing together young leaders who are building a more sustainable future for a Hybrid approach of BOTH online and face to face talks and experiences.

The event will take place physically in Dubai, UAE, with talks and training also broadcast live to a global audience virtually.

Here is what you can expect from the HGBIL SUMMIT 2022
One on One Meetings
Coaching & Mentoring
Workshop & Trainings
Panels Discussions & Fireside chats
Pitch Opportunities
An Event full of Inspiration, Networking, Conferences, Talks & Workshops

Venue: Dusit Thani Dubai hotel,Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre, DIFC- Dubai, UAE
09th – 11th May 2022
Hybrid Startup Entrepreneur and Innovation Workshop
(Closed session - optional Attendance) (CLICK HERE TO PAY)

12th - 13th May 2022
Open to Public based on application.
Pitch Opportunities and Hadarat Global Falcons' Den Launch
By invitation Only

Packages available for Special Tours and Visits
Contact us for more information
About the Hadarat Global Business, Innovation and Leadership Award:
Purpose of the Hadarat Global Business Leaders & Innovation Award

Strength in Leadership and business is the power giving continuance of life. Leadership is interconnected with passion, energy, health and ability to survive, adapt and flourish.

For us, innovation that bridges old and new, and harnesses the local culture of each country is of utmost importance. This award is directed at those Leaders and innovators who focus on people, principles, and the planet Those business who shares the Hadarat Global Vision of putting the heart back into business.

Those leaders who cares about sustainability and fosters a growth and connection mindset which supports engagement, Organisational health and smart innovation.

While globalisation and rapid digital transformation has escalated the durability and growth in communities and organisations, sustainable growth and capacity to reinvent will cease to exist without these leaders.

The Hadarat Global Business Leadership and Innovators award of 2022  

More about Hadarat Global Business and Innovators Award of 2022
Objectives of the HGBIL 2022 Award
The objectives of the Hadarat Global Business Leadership and Innovators award is as follows:
  • Recognises Business Leaders and Innovators who have excelled in providing demonstrated leadership that has been critical to the success of      their organizations and their team
  • Recognises      those Business leaders and innovators who have created a highly robust      social system to keep their organisations strong, unified and adaptable in      the face of great hazards and hardship, by bringing out the spirit of      intense cooperation.
  • Recognise CEO’s who are driving the polic that 40% of public procurement should go to women-owned businesses and   entities.

SOCIAL IMPACT: The Leader has created positive, measurable benefits for the organisation’s stakeholders, and the third sector as a whole.

INNOVATION: The Leader has demonstrated the courage to challenge the status quo in their organisation and find new ways forward.

COLLABORATION: The Leader has proven capacity and creates opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders within the third sector.

LEADERSHIP: The CEO demonstrates the leadership of the organisation, the system and self. The CEO has consciously created a ‘leaderful’ organisational culture, where leadership is shared and promoted throughout the organisation. The CEO empowers organisational participants and stakeholders to make leadership contributions.
Hadarat Global Business Leadership & Innovators Award
About the Woman of Stature Awards
Dr Hawa Charfaray, a Woman in Education Finalist in the Woman of Stature Awards, 2020 and also the Group Executive Director of Hadarat Global and CEO of Training Excellence South Africa collaborated with Woman of Stature Foundation on the concept of making this event International and therefore formed a partnership with Woman of Stature Global Awards to be conducted alongside the Hadarat Global Business Innovation Leadership Summit 2022 to honour and celebrate some outstanding key players, companies, corporations and individuals that have contributed to the mission and vision of Global Excellence.
Woman of Stature Global Awards
Dubai 2022

Woman of Stature Foundation (NPC) is an African organization that is committed to the empowerment of women and inclusivity is one of Woman of Stature’s most valued principles. One of the initiatives is the Woman of Stature Awards which launched in 2013 in South Africa, the year the organization was formed.

The Woman of Stature awards was initially launched because we identified the communities in which women struggle to reach their full potential. Through the Woman of Stature Foundation we have now launched it Globally, where we aim to unite women and help them to rise up through education and empowerment so that they become the greatest version of themselves and globally competitive participators in a worldwide economy.

We decided that the best way to address the social and gender inequalities and disparities is to build the confidence and self-esteem of women in business and community, by recognising their efforts, achievements and commitment to building a better, stronger nation. Since then we have made great strides in helping communities connect, women in business to generate viable business and individuals that are excelling to gain some traction in pubic domains.

The purpose of the GLOBAL award is to recognize women internationally who embody the qualities and values of a Woman of Stature and the Hadarat Global Brand.

A woman who embodies Integrity, Excellence, Emotional and Professional Maturity, Selflessness & Empathy and who will thus be able to be a true Brand Ambassador of the Woman of Stature Foundation brand. This is embodied by the Hadarat Global team to support women not only in Middle East but Internationally.
The Criteria are:
A woman who consistently lives the values of a woman of stature, evident in her character and how others experience her
A woman who is making a transformative, valued contribution to society and the economy of their country.
A woman who is making an impact in her industry, distinguished in her leadership style and excelling in her area of expertise
A woman who is empowering and inspiring others beyond her area of expertise
Woman of Stature Global Awards is reserved for influential women leaders, across diverse spectrums of emerging economies, who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and significant contributions to community development, economic and environmental sustainability, as well as ceaseless efforts in promoting gender diversity and equity, making inroads for other women and girls in the society. These will include the powerful and influential network of entrepreneurial, social, and businesswomen leaders from across the globe, who have successfully emerged as strong powerful business leaders in our society today.

These women are designed to preserve the place of women in history by archiving the told and untold stories of their giant strides, celebrate the untiring and impactful contributions of women to the development of the nations’ heritage and connect women from various climes and generations; whilst inspiring the younger generations to dare to dream and unleash their potentials. These women are change agents, pathfinders, stereotype and boundary breakers, and most especially, record breakers.

The awards are divided into various categories and differ from country to country.
The WOS GLOBAL Award categories are::
    • Entrepreneur of the Year (min 2yrs)
    • Woman in Agriculture
    • Woman in Aviation
    • Woman in Construction
    • Woman in Fashion & Design

            • Woman in Engineering
            • Woman in Health Care
            • Woman in Tourism (Hospitality)
            • Woman in Manufacturing
            • Woman in Coaching, Mentoring & Education
            • Woman in Media

                    • Woman in Nuclear and Radiation
                    • Woman in Oil and Gas
                    • Woman in Real Estate
                    • Woman in Technology
                          The awardees go through a strict adjudication process to reach the finalists and the ultimate winners.

                          This culminates in the formal gala dinner where the finalists are presented with their certificate of recognition.

                          A winner is announced in each of the fifteen categories with an overall winner. The category winners together with the overall winner each receive a winner’s certificate and trophy.

                          Partners and Co-operations

                          Marketing Partner

                          Ladies in Business
                          Magazine Global
                          Media Partner

                          The International Women's Entrepreneur Show (IWES)
                          Event Management Partner

                          Armelson Brand & Marketing Strategist
                          Marketing Partner

                          CR Attorneys
                          Hadarat Global Legal Partner

                          GEORGIA & ASIA-AFRICA
                          CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

                          BPW Georgia

                          Union of Business & Professional Women
                          Class of Steele

                          Domak Group Intl.
                          The Economic Hub
                          Leaders Without Borders Development Centre
                          Nousheen Mukhtar
                          Strategic Women and Youth Institute

                          WOS Foundation

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